A Dream

A Dream

It's been a lifelong goal of mine to start an animal rescue or sanctuary of some kind. I remember being around 7 years old going out to the backyard when it was raining and do the duties of "bug rescue" where i'd try to save all the bugs struggling in the rain (coming from Texas where it's dry most the year there was always an abundance of insects needing my help when the rains finally came.) From childhood up until this day whenever I saw an animal needing my help I'd do the best I could to save it. That passion always stayed in my heart.

Even so, as I grew like many of us my big ideas and optimism for life got weighed down by day to day responsibilities for my own life until my main focus became limited to what my mind thought I needed to do rather that where my heart or intuition wanted to lead me (towards healing.) I think that's really the problem with our society...we are not taught to listen to our heart as much as to obey the minds of others until it is our own mirrored mindset. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. When this disconnect happens we spend our lives confused, stagnant, and repeating tasks that bring us no real joy. That is a sign that your relationship with yourself has died.

I think the point I got clear on where I needed to go for my future is exactly when I begun to really pay attention the signs the universe was sending me (continuously) and follow my heart embracing all the big change that come with it. Don't get me wrong, this process has been up and down but I believe as I keep working towards keeping my heart open regardless of what happens I will learn to be strong enough to conquer all challenges that present themselves to me on my path towards my highest aspirations in life.

I asked myself what I wanted to do in my life without any of the limiting beliefs (lack of money, lack of ability, lack of opportunity, etc) because in reality we are connected with all the resources we need because we are alive in the physical, right here right now in an abundant universe where many others with our same initial challenges are fulfilling their wildest dreams. The answer was that I'd be living a life where I'd be helping animals as much as was able to. Slowly my vision of a sanctuary has begun to come to life in a way that soothes my soul and gives greater meaning and purpose to my day to day.


I challenge you to ask yourself the same question, ask yourself what you would do in your life without any of the limiting beliefs (lack of money, lack of ability, lack of opportunity, etc), just knowing you live in an infinite universe.



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