Our Purpose

Anima is the latin word for the "soul" and "breath of life".

Anima also happens to be the root word for animal but somewhere along the way the word animal became less known for soul and more often used as an insult for what we consider the wild and violent among us. The word animal is most commonly a differentiator between humans and non human living breathing conscious life.

But we all are animals, arn't we? The life and consciousness; the soul that we share with all other animals on this planet is equal and shared so in this way we all are one.

Anima Studio is an ethical business founded September 2023. We sell vegan and eco-friendly apparel, accessories, art, and more. 50% of our profits are being used to found a sanctuary for animals. We aim to help bridge the gap between business and ethics and the connection between humans and non-human animals in an ethical way that is symbiotic and allows peaceful existence and ultimate fulfillment for all involved.

Click the link below to learn more about the sanctuary where half of our profits are being directed to.