Wilder Sanctuary

Hello Friends!

I'm Hollie, the founder of Wilder Sanctuary. I have had a lifelong love for animals that I hope to share with others. I have worked with animals in a sanctuary setting, rescues, and in a wildlife rehabilitation center in hopes of making a difference though I have some big ideas of my own I'd like to act on now to help give captive animals a real chance of lifelong happiness. I have a very strong connection with birds in particular as I feel they are often the most neglected and underestimated due to their contrast to our own species.

Why Birds?

Birds used in the meat industry, egg industry, or down/feather industry have no real legal protection whatsoever so they are often kept in filthy dark conditions with not even enough space to turn around comfortably. They also suffer mutilation at the hands of their captors whether by debeaking, plucking them of their feathers while they are still alive (very painful for the birds as the quills or roots of the feather are like keratin of our nails and embedded deep into the skin), or other accidental or intentional injury due to mishandling is very common in these industries where a soul or conscious being is not seen but rather a product or a number or weight on the scale to be bought and sold.

"Pet" birds are typically locked up in small cages and after the initial excitement and newness wears off are forgotten with only a mirror as a companion if that. Often these birds are unable to fly due to the limited space and denied the ability to engage in most all natural and emotionally beneficial behaviors they would in the wild such as foraging for food with their flock, forming deep relationships with others of their own kind, exploring the natural terrain by air water or land (depending on the species), bathing themselves, traveling long distances, etc.

Imagine living your whole life in a cage the size of your car with no bonds of family or friends just a giant at the window to offer just the basics for your survival to carry on your dismal life in that cage; a giant who will never be able to truly speak your language but chooses to keep you locked up inside for their own viewing pleasure or eating pleasure whichever that may be. If it doesn't sound fun to you then isn't an ideal life for a naturally social animal who is literally born to fly and take part of a large social group!

Caged parrots are prone to stress related behaviors such as self mutilation (plucking their own feathers), calling out incessantly to no avail to their family; their flock (which for most caged birds does not exist), and aggression towards anyone in the vicinity much like a chained dog denied the ability to love for so long they begin to see everyone outside of themselves as a threat. I feel it is a worthy cause and would like to devote my time and energy in this life to helping animals beginning with birds who come from less than ideal circumstances get a fresh start to live their best lives possible. They will have a life with others of their own kind to call family, plenty of space to roam or fly and do what comes naturally to them (in a way that is peaceful) but I need your help and support!

What Can We Do?

I believe in the potential for goodness of humanity. We are slowly but surely moving forward and can work together to do the right thing which is to protect and give freedom and consideration for the life and happiness of all animals. You can help support the upcoming sanctuary by placing an order with Anima Studio where 50% of profits are being used towards the sanctuary.