Wilder Sanctuary Plans

We are collecting donations for the purchase of 2.5-5 acres of land around Northwest Oregon to devote to the following:

Turkey Orchard

1 fenced acre of land dedicated to rescued turkeys allowed to live out their full lives in fruitful abundance alongside fruit trees. We are utilizing a symbiotic self sustaining model where apple and various other fruit trees as well as smaller plants to help nourish and provide stimulation for our turkeys are grown together with the birds so they can happily forage the fallen fruit, Guided guests are allowed to pick fruit from the trees themselves for a cost to help fund the sanctuary's growth! The animal's care and safety is our utmost priority and we will work to ensure their happiness.

Goose & Duck Orchard

1 fenced acre of land dedicated to rescued geese and ducks. Same as above except a pond for the bird's enjoyment will be built in the center. Guests will be accompanied by a guide for the sanctuary resident's safety and will be able to feed the animals by hand!

Orphaned Wildlife Center

Small building dedicated to rearing orphaned wild birds for release back into nature when they are old enough to survive on their own.

Large Aviary

We will be constructing an aviary to house a community of finches who have been rescued from less than ideal circumstances to live out their days with as much enrichment as we can provide to them.

Gift Shop

Sanctuary merchandise will be offered in partnership with Anima Studio. Vegan baked goods will also be sold here! The profits from these products will help fund the growth and expansion of Wilder Sanctuary.

Help Wilder Sanctuary Directly

We are raising $200,000 on Go Fund Me to Purchase this land for turkeys, geese, ducks, and finches to live in fruitful abundance for the rest of their lives on this planet!